Be More, Do More, Check Your…

There are constant outside forces pushing us one way or another each with different needs, wants, desires, and requirements. 

This is just what life is; a series of goals ranging from drinking water to hydrate your body in order to stay alive to paying off that $200,000 mortgage you took out 10 years ago that you really shouldn’t have.  From monumental to menial, life is structured around goals.  They are necessary and are one of the keys to growing as people, but I’m often struck with the sense that there’s a point at which being overly task oriented is a damaging thing.

It’s disturbingly easy to drown in what needs to be done.  As a person who manages tasks and goals for a living my mind has been trained to form neurological connections revolving around what needs to be done next as a default for when it has idle time.  I consider this to be a wonderful thing that has made me a better person, but despite the benefits it has led to occasional difficulty sleeping and even high blood pressure.

While my mindset is obviously not the sole reason for these, I have had to actively take steps to retrain my brain to be able to escape this way of thinking, even if it’s for just a few minutes at a time. 

Up to this point the best method I’ve found to get my mind to relax these connections is a combination of music and exercise; particularly music that pokes fun at being overly motivated, in conjunction with running.  In my case, mocking the core of my thinking and forcing myself to physically struggle a little grants a moment of clarity that is sometimes difficult to come by when surrounded by things to do and accomplish.

MUTEMATH and Switchfoot both have wonderful songs from their new albums (Odd Soul and Vice Verses, respectively) that have come to mean a lot to me and perfectly encapsulate the mindset I simultaneously embrace and repel.  They represent a balance between stress and the ability to overcome.

Put on your headphones, sit back, close your eyes, and take a few minutes to listen.  Remember to let go every now and then.  You will be so glad you did.

Blood Pressure

Rise Above It